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The ISMS Constitution

The ISMS constitution provides the following objectives:

  • Identify and bring together the µSR community on all continents.

  • Promote the scientific exchange of ideas in the field of µSR spectroscopy through international conferences, meetings and internet communications.

  • Cultivate relations with other Societies in related disciplines.

  • Provide a central voice for the µSR community with respect to government and other funding agencies, international scientific organizations and other bodies of relevance, and provide advice to these funding agencies, societies etc.

  • Identify the needs of the µSR community, including future requirements for instrumentation and sources and optimal access to these sources, and to present these needs to the institutions operating µSR facilities.

  • Carry out educational activities and stimulate, promote and broaden the knowledge and use of µSR spectroscopy by organizing schools, workshops, courses and seminars.

  • Promote young scientists in the field of µSR spectroscopy and provide a Young Scientist Award for outstanding work in the field of µSR spectroscopy. In exceptional cases a Senior Scientist Award may also be given.

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