ISMS Yamazaki Prize

Every three years (see ISMS Newsletters #1 & #12) the ISMS awards a $3000 Toshimitsu Yamazaki Prize for µSR Science recognizing outstanding, sustained work in µSR science with long-term impact on scientific and/or technical µSR applications.

The 2020 Yamazaki Prize will be awarded to Prof. Steven J. Blundell at the µSR2021 conference in Parma, Italy. (ISMS Newsletter #18)

The 2017 Yamazaki Prize was awarded to Prof. Robert F. Kiefl at the µSR2017 conference in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. (ISMS Newsletter #16)

The 2014 Yamazaki Prize was awarded to Prof. Roberto De Renzi at the µSR2014 conference in Grindelwald, Switzerland. (ISMS Newsletter #13)

The 2011 Yamazaki Prize was awarded to Prof. Jess H. Brewer at the µSR2011 conference in Cancun, Mexico. (ISMS Newsletter #11)

The 2008 Yamazaki Prize was awarded to Dr. Elvezio Morenzoni at the µSR2008 conference in Tsukuba, Japan. (ISMS Newsletter #7)

The inaugural Yamazaki prize was awarded in 2005 to Prof. Yasutomo J. Uemura at a special ceremony session of the µSR2005 conference in Oxford, UK, in August 2005. (ISMS Newsletter #4)